Quake Live Intro

A browser-based game is very obvious: it is a game that runs from your internet web browser. It is a remake of the very popular video game Quake 3 Arena, which came out in 1999 and was applauded by video game critics and players alike.

The video game is not your typical FPS (First Person Shooter): it is extremely fast paced, and really skill based. It takes a lot of practice to end up being skilled at the video game because the learning curve for the game is unbelievably high. Newbies to the video game may be much dissuaded when they sign up with a game that is far above their ability level and get mauled by higher-level gamers. They can prevent this by not signing up with a video game that is orange or red, which is typically filled with experts that have been playing for years. It is recommended to do offline practice against computer players before trying your abilities on multiplayer as you can start learning the designs of the maps, the advantages and disadvantages of the different weapons, and which weapon is better to use at which variety, situation, etc. This is not a light, simple, or casual game, and you will become annoyed if you don't practice and learn the video game before attempting your hand at multiplayer matches. Check out this www.ilikecheats.net for further details about nether hacks.

A couple of basic tips to begin playing the game will be given, but going in depth would need a book's worth of content in order to teach you all the tricks and pointers and movements. Some vital moves you require to learn in order to move much faster in the arena consist of strafe jumping and circle jumping. Strafe jumping is basically where you hold down your move forward crucial and one of the strafe elements, jump, and then alternate the strafe secret while still holding the forward secret and jumping right when you land.

Now that you know a bit about the video game, stop reading, and begin playing! See you in the Arena.